Answers to the questions that are most commonly asked by new authors are far from comforting. What is my competition like? How do I choose a publishing agency? How can I get noticed by an Agent, or land a deal with a traditional Publisher? Coming from a fellow Author who happened to jumped in head first, using nothing but the willingness to learn and implement the trial and error method, let me just tell you this: WOW, what a vicious loop!  Just when you think you have things figured out, something new comes up to bite you on the a** as a writer lol. BUT, keep your chin up because persistence does pay off!

Gripping titles, keyword usage, eye-candy covers, these are merely a few factors to be considered as an author. The truth is, there are over 8 million E-books available on Amazon. Wow, what a number, right?!.  Well, if you think that’s overwhelming then lets consider this: that magic number increases by thousands every year!  Like many others, I’ve found it difficult to wrap my mind around this.  These daunting numbers only scratch the surface to the nasty world of competition novelists face. Also, to be taken into consideration are the grubby fingered little money hungry publishers who are out to take wanting writers for everything they are worth. Trust me, they are ruthless.

Today’s tip: If you are considering publishing your first novel, but don’t know where to start then I’d suggest that you DO NOT go with an agency that wants to make you sign a contract that will strip away your rights, and then pocket an outrageous chunk of your proceeds. Especially after they have already charged you thousands to publish in the first place. It will be excruciatingly beneficial to do your due diligence before publishing! Study and compare!  I would suggest 100% self-published (If you are driven), or traditional (if at all possible, and be patient!)