Intro: Explanation of Blog. Welcome!

Commonsense, passion, creativity, and consistency is key!  The biggest writers in the industry are not “best writing” they are “Best selling” and yes there is a difference. Good authors are far from a dying breed. We are crawling out from beneath rocks of every sort, everywhere, and all the time. We have groups, fans, clubs,  blogs, and tags. Hell, we even have self-proclaimed haters that are out to fulfill their own agendas.

In this Blog site I will share with you my personal experiences (good and bad), wholesome advise, and passionate opinions regarding powerhouse writers and publishers alike. I will also share thoughts on books I love in all genres, and reviews, because after all — the love for writing has always been and will always be developed by first a love of reading.

Welcome, and I look forward to sharing my heart and mind with you!!  I am an open book, so please, by all means, READ ME!  (Yes I change my hair often, don’t judge me)