I don’t know about you, but Halloween makes me want to peel back the cover of some unnerving stories then devour them whole – Guts, skin, meat, everything…  My October 2016 has been packed full of horror, suspense, and just flat out bone chilling twists. Being an Indi-Author has encouraged me to find others like myself.  Writers of an outstanding caliber have been jumping out of the woodworks and grabbing my attention like never before.

This year’s horror season definitely hasn’t been a disappointment. Just yesterday I cracked open The Witch’s List by Andrew Cairns. Wow, just Wow!  The way Andrew has pulled me in, right out of the gate is nothing short of miraculous. So far the characters have that authentic real person feel.  I’m especially excited about this one! The reviews for The Witch’s List are enticing and after only a few chapters I find myself pacing the floors at work wishing I was at home, kindle in hand. As soon as my kid’s are tucked safely in bed tonight, I plan on pouring myself a glass of wine, and then chewing up every bit of The Witch’s List I can squeeze in!  I have a feeling that this story will be one that lingers in mind long after the last page is swallowed.  I invite you to join me in this read!

I’ve read a couple others this month that are worthy of a shout out. Euphoria by Lorraine Mcleod is an amazing one of a kind, and House on the Hill by Gwen Selix is absolutely unforgettable! I liked them each enough for a 4 and 5 star rating. Here are my reviews for each of them.  Happy Holliday friends, and I hope you enjoy your creepy reads as much as I have!  I’m sure next month will bring about heart felt dramas to warm my chilled nerves.


Euphoria is a fine tuned medley of interesting and memorable characters. I’m usually not a fan of books that bounce from scene to scene, or from character to character. Lorraine McLeod has changed my point of view on this style of writing one hundred percent. The way she was able to take each string of a character, and weave them all together into such a unique and understandable final web, is truly a gift! Euphoria takes a raw druggie lifestyle (that is regrettably common in todays society) and uses it as a passageway to let in an otherwise unimaginable evil. Amongst my favorite personalities brought to such vivid life, is the Baker, Finn, and Lysa. The ‘Baker’ mixes up a concoction to knock junkies completely off their feet, but he has an agenda that goes beyond that of a regular high. Finn is undercover posing as a thug, and the things he is forced to witness and be a part of is enough to make even the most twisted minds cringe. Lysa is an amazing woman. She is relatable, empathetic, down to earth, and determined.
This story covers every type, from the junkie, to their families, to the police, every member in the gangsters chain of command, and even an unspeakable evil being that takes life by the hundreds. Euphoria has a way of making you wonder at the unpredictable twists our lives can take, and the impact our choices as human beings could make on those we didn’t even realize exist. Lorraine McLeod offers a very polished over tale that is unforgettable in every way. It is well written, bloody, suspenseful, unpredictable, and I will surely sleep with an eye open for some time to come. I am definitely a fan!


Absolutely Captivating!! I was completely mesmerized by House On the Hill. This surprisingly unique and twisty version of a prequel to a famous haunted tale didn’t disappoint. Rebecca finds herself in the presence of others that are more like her than she could have ever imagined. Gwen Selix finds a way to explore each of her characters disturbing pasts, drawing them all together into a house that offers wondrous out of this world protection. Aside from the need of a tighter edit and possibly a little more focus on the epilogue rather than meals and growley bear bellies – I am completely sold on this amazing story. The magic is perfected and authentic. The love story laced in is to die for. The nasty monstrous villain has a gigantic secret, I was completely shocked. This is a story that I could never have guessed what was coming, which is very rare. The heart wrenching beginning sucked me right in and the ending was on point. I will most definitely recommend House On The Hill to my friends and family! I can’t wait to dive into Gwen’s next adventure!