Pay it forward challenge

PAY IT FORWARD CHALLENGE!! For all my book lover friends (of all books) I was never a “reviewer” until I learned first hand how big of deal reviews are and how stinking hard it is to get them!! So for the last few months I’ve challenged myself to write reviews on Amazon for every book I read. It feels so good to help out fellow Authors!! I just know the good Jue-Jue will be repaid 🙂 Karma isn’t only a bi**h she’s also a blessing! So my challenge to you is to write reviews. Not only for books, but for products you love as well! Especially for friends and family who have their own pages or products who are counting on your help!! I hope at least some of you take the challenge. I know that I personally can do better at supporting up and coming authors as well as loved ones with their own small businesses and products! Here are some review tips in case you want to help but are drawing a blank:
1. Give a quick rundown of the book or product in your own words.
2. Name a couple aspects about it that you love.
3. Constructive criticism is more appreciated that you think. We cant better ourselves and our work unless we know whats wrong with it. (just word it nicely, please, as it is constructive not judgmental lol)
4. If you don’t love it enough to give it a 4 or 5 star rating- then maybe you’re not actually paying it forward and it wont hurt to just pass this one up haha..
GOOD LUCK AND PLEASE TAKE THE CHALLENGE!!! Reviews are easy. They only take a few minutes of your time, and they could be so much more appreciated than you will ever know 🙂


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