Being a mom… (Not too, but first)

The juggle is real! Often times the concept of working from home is completely misconstrued, to say the least. Coming from a gal who works part-time outside of the home, is an Author of three self-published books, is 100% self-marketed, and a full-time mommy and house keeper – I can quite bluntly say that I have been on each side of the fence.  Before jumping into some nitty-gritty tips on time management, and the broken down nastiness of multitasking, let me introduce you to the undeniably cute mess making little priorities of my life.

My son Cannon is a demanding little 4-year-old with an adorable smile, angry bird looking eyebrows, a toddler’s temper, and he can ignore with the best of them. My daughter Kimber will be turning 2 in a few weeks. She can talk in full sentences, climb onto any countertop or piece of furniture she comes in contact with, and her scream not only carries through out my non-carpeted home but it bounces off the walls and hits you like a gong. I absolutely love both of these bugger-slinging twerps with everything that I am!

Now, we all know, or have at least seen, those moms with every single little detail of their life neatly written down on a wall sized calendar. Their posture is perfect, their hair and make-up is flawless, hell even their crafty crafts are cream of the crop. Let me set the record straight and tell you that just because I am giving mom-trepreneur tips, does not mean I’m ^^ that mom. I’m far from it!  It’s not from lack of trying either.  I suppose it’s more a lack of discipline, patience, and even long-term interest for such extremities. Yes I do write down appointment times, school events, and work schedules. But, that is where I draw the line.

Here are the most important reasons I prefer to keep an open schedule:

  • My children’s developments, moods, and “firsts” will not just magically fall into the provided slots of time allotted.
  • When my baby is in the mood for snuggles it’s not to be brushed aside because I’m almost finished with a chapter.
  • No phone call or text is worth replacing my child’s laugh.

I could go on and on, obviously, about the cherished moments of a child and the fact that time is an irreplaceable b**ch. Our kid’s will never be the exact same as they are today.  There is no rewind button and no take backs. Yes, it is possible, and absolutely imperative to improve oneself and advance in life!  But, priorities should always be set.

As not to ramble even more about the things in life that everyone already knows deep down, here is how I am able to manage everything I do. The how to!

  • Step number one: always be willing to drop everything, and I do mean everything for a special irreplaceable moment with your kids!
  • Step two: goals goals goals. This here is very important.  Setting goals is what keeps your head in the game.  You will never achieve your goals if you don’t make them! Start with the long-term. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?  Then break them down into realistic short-term goals.  With your crazy lifestyle what can actually be accomplished, this month? Then break them down into weeks.  I never set a goal for each day, because honestly, who does that? Squeeze in something for your weekly goal each day, whenever you can. Don’t stress in advance, just deal with it as it comes.
  • Step Three: HAVE FAITH IN YOURSELF!! That easy.  If you know in your heart that you will be able to achieve something (even if it’s little) tomorrow, then what is the point in loosing sleep about it tonight?  Confidence is key to time management, period! Don’t stress about tomorrow, just deal with today.

So, in conclusion: For all you working and Author parents out there, Enjoy your kids!!  Dream big, nail your writing goals, manage each day with confidence, and always be a parent first!!


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