Nerdiest Nerd in NerdVille

Let your Geek flag fly, fellow nerds! It’s no big secret that brainy individuals who read, play video games, obtain an education, and are quick-in-wit, are deemed as more desirable than those who rely on beauty alone to attract a mate. After all, who wants to spend their time and life with a Dole Danny, Negative Nancy, or a Boring Betty right?!?  This blog is short, simple, and to the point. Words of encouragement, so to speak. So, when you are feeling down or self-conscious about your nerdy-ness remember these facts: 

  • Never shy down from your love of reading and/or writing. You have imbedded more admiration and inspiration in those around you than you will ever know.
  • Surround yourself by those who challenge your quick-wit, for they assist in sharpening your mind, and whether or not they are willing to admit it, there is a reason they push your boundaries. They obviously like what submerges from your overly active, one of a kind mind. Embrace it!
  • If you have found a partner who will play video games with you, then you are ahead of the game.  Surprisingly enough, it has actually been deemed sexy, and here’s why: A little healthy competition between couples actually boosts the level of pheromones produced causing ones attraction to deepen. This causes the saying, “The couple who games together, stays together,” to ring true.
  • Last but not least, an educated mind can be the root of the most intimate of conversations. When two beings can connect on a higher level of intellect then they will ultimately feel a stronger understanding of each other.

In conclusion: Be the Nerdiest Nerd around, and find yourself a fellow Nerd to occupy NerdVille with together.  Because the best, most authentic, and longest lasting relationships are made by those who are completely comfortable Geeking out together. Enjoy what you love, period!    


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