No matter the placement of ones wellbeing, it is to be viewed in a whole new light later on down the line. We’ve all looked back to our younger selves and thought ‘Awww, well now it makes sense!’ …or… ‘Thank the lord that relationship didn’t work out.‘ … or even… ‘oh man, was I ever dumb. I really wasn’t ready was I?’  The light dings above our head and that irritating blur of life’s confusion is suddenly cleared.

Sometimes, events that seem to be the most devastating at the time, actually leave us better off in the long run. This truth can come in many forms.  Whether it be a dreaded or forced move that eventually leads you to find the love of your life, or whether it be a denial of promotion that ultimately forces you to find a better job altogether. Many negative circumstances lead to great and positive adventures. 

Unfortunately this crazy hindsight epiphany of opposition, can also go the other way around. The door swings both ways.  It isn’t exactly rare to have a much celebrated event turn sour. An unexpected lump sum of money often times rip families apart, shiny new cars drive to fast and crash.

Hindsight is a well balanced pendulum, swinging back and forth, sometimes it’s negative and sometimes it’s positive. Either way it is clear and it is truthful, never telling a lie. It doesn’t speed up, nor does it slow down. Hindsight is merely a recollection of ones self, meant to be perceived in a perfected light by the eye of the beholder.

Now, the million dollar question is this:  Is it possible to bend this blessing/curse of hindsight to our will?  Can we cancel out the hind portion of this word and make our ‘sight’ of life more clear. Obviously the answer is indefinitely no BUT, we can however take a giant reassuring step to scrub that windshield, as to match the cleanliness of our rearview. This step comes in the form of a daily reminder/reassurance as to understand the feelings of patience, humility, gratefulness, and of course the law of attraction.

If we are to realize right now/today, that sometime in our future we will look back and understand, then it will make getting through a little easier. Live today for today, stop worrying about the ‘what ifs’ the ‘how to’s’ the ‘should haves’ and ‘could haves’ … Be grateful, set goals and nail them. Hindsight is in fact a blessing, and if we can embrace the clearness of our past then we can appreciate the course we happen to be on now.