What an emotional masterpiece! I’m completely blown away by Ashleigh Reynolds’ ability to capture such a wide range of human emotion with such vivid detail. Although clearly a fictional read, Paroxysm Effect has shined a whole new light on humanity and our ability as a human race to retain feelings of love and compassion despite adversity and/or the efforts of others to veer us in different directions.
I absolute adore the way that this books takes a tale of technological advances (to the point of, and centering around personality and demeanor altering chips), gore, violence, unfathomable action and suspense, and has intricately woven in a love story so intense that in the end, it will all but knock your feet out from under you. Wow, talk about chest thumping!
The pace of Paroxysm Effect is fast, almost too fast, leaving little to no time between fight scenes and emotional twists. Because of the over intensity and the need of a slightly tighter proofread, I debated for some time between four and five stars. The reason I ultimately choose a five star rating is because of the uniqueness offered. 
It is rare to come across a futuristic story that doesn’t focus too much on technology. In my opinion, Ashleigh’s approach of focusing on the emotional aspect of her characters, rather than solely on what the chip’s technology is capable of, comes off as refreshing.
The personalities presented are developed, and the twists and catches are one of a kind. Reynolds truly has a way with words, and her delivery of a shocking ending is phenomenal!  I enjoyed this book immensely, and will definitely recommend it.