The power of confident positivity is no secret, but the trick is how to use it!? The human mind is a fickle thing, and conquering the constant battle in our heads isn’t always easy.


On one hand we all have our ultimate long term goals, and our short term goals (or at least we should).  We know what we want.  On the other hand, we have to weed through our subconscious thoughts, or the ‘veil’ the ‘block’ the ‘wall’ the ‘impassable mental haze’ or so it seems.  The mental blockage that is stopping us, is, point 0f fact, our subconscious thoughts.


So how do we win the battle between: Sheer will to achieve VS. reality checks slapping us in the face telling us we can’t? The answer is easy.  Use conscious thought, time, and persistence to re-rout your subconscious! This may sound silly at first blush, but there is a reason we are such complicated beings. Time IS actually a blessing, Just because we didn’t get what we want today doesn’t mean we wont ever. Stick with it.


Here are a few tips to help this said transformation of subconscious.  Let’s flip the switch from an inner nag telling us we can’t, into an inner inspirational powerhouse reassuring our gratitude and patience.  Do these daily and watch your mind, health, confidence, and demeanor transform over time into a fierce miraculous beast, ready to take on the world.

  • Name at least 5 things you’re grateful for every day. (something different each time.)
  • LAUGH!  If humor isn’t a regular part of your life then you’re doomed.  Seek out funny things. Jokes, movies, free-spirited friends and family. Laughter is key to healing of the mind body and spirit.
  • Never complain aloud! Ever.
  • Write down three positive affirmations. Then repeat them aloud into the mirror every day. (Sounds juvenile, but I assure you it’s an extremely powerful process!)
  • Distance yourself from complainers and negative people.
  • Tell someone you love them everyday.