Jumping with joy for another Book Review: 4 stars. My Before You, Jojo Moyes.

My Before You by Jojo Moyes is a Beautiful love story! Despite the slow pace, I really enjoyed it. (I may or may not have shed a few tears along the way…. especially at the end) The characters seem so real and so relate-able, it’s extremely well developed. I never would have seen myself reading a book about a middle to low class girl turning caretaker, and falling for a quadriplegic man. but, I totally just did, and am so glad!! Jojo’s ability to take such a far fetched story line and turning it into a realistic heartfelt masterpiece is a beautiful thing. Kudo’s Jojo! I can’t wait to read the next in the series!


Will was a prominent man who came from money and made money – loads of it. He lived life to the fullest in every way. He conquered unthinkable things in life and then was struck by a motorcycle and everything came to a halt. Louisa Clarke came from a family who was struggling to get by. They depended on each other in every way. Even at 26 she still lived at home and played her part in contributing to the family funds.

After loosing her job abruptly she landed a new one (by some miracle) as one of Will’s caretakers.
What happens on their journey together pulls at every heart string imaginable! Will’s mental state has made him a very hard guy to be around. At first it’s a real struggle for her. Over time they are able to tolerate one another, then soon become very close. Close to the point of Louisa being so completely in tune with his emotions and expressions that their fondness for each other is inevitable. Will and Louisa transform each other into better human beings in every way. Their love is undeniably a beautiful thing.


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