Even fun and friends effect our careers… But how?

Yep, that’s me… Second to the left in a naughty maids outfit (worn over full leggings, and a covered up with pretty shoulder top, because if not then wow.) Despite how this picture may look at first glance, I do actually try to avoid mommy fails at all cost!  But that is completely besides the point… Which is this: Everyone needs friends, everyone needs an outlet, everyone needs to let loose once in a while or the effects of social lacking will push its way through in every aspect of our lives. That’s right, even our careers will suffer… Immensely.

Fun, laughter, and the simple act of surrounding ones-self by loved ones, actually allows our bodies to release endorphin’s, our muscles to relax, our spirits to lift, and in turn our stress can melt away like butter. Although this post may be a mere act of pointing out the obvious. Sometimes that act is necessary, and the reminder is very much-needed.  I know it is for me anyways.  

It’s easy to completely engulf ourselves in our work, especially when the particular project we’re working on is, well lets face it 20% tedious and 80% epic. But, after we’ve been treading the water and swimming our laps to often and for to long — our legs may weaken and we can drown without even realizing how long we’ve been in the deep end. It’s important to unplug. Have a night out once in a while. Our friends may just provide the life raft we didn’t even know was needed. And, who knows, they might even inspire the every idea that has been keeping us up at night.

So let your hair down friends, your career might just need it!  

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