5 Books that look pretty damn good for $.99!!

I’ll show you mine if you show me yours… Books, that is… Don’t be a perv!

I’m going to list 10 books that happen to be priced at $.99 today, that I think look absolutely grand. THEN,

Feel free to comment with your own book deals or sales because I’d love to either:

A. Read it myself. (If it looks phenomenal, and the mood strikes.) Sale yourselves people, I want to see what you got!

B. Tweet the link on my rapidly growing twitter page. It may be a freshly planted seed, but its growing like a weed!! Really tho, I’ve been getting over a hundred followers a day for the last few days, and I don’t see it slowing down anytime soon, because I’m obsessed lol. So jump on the bandwagon now and I’d love to help you advertise!

C. I’ll Re-blog your book’s info… But you have to really amaze me for that. It’s been a while since my mind was blown, and I’m due!

OR> D. All of the above.

So here is what I’ve come up with and feel free to SHARE SHARE SHARE!!!!

PICK ONE: How Much More You Need, by Jermaine Lewis. Because, well a 98% five star average on over 90 reviews pretty much speaks for itself!!


Book Description:  Quiet, reliable, tall, super fine, but doesn’t own one stylish bone in his body are words that are commonly used to describe JT. He is a humble man with a generous heart. A simple man that seems to have everything he wants out of life, except a romantic love. Virtually invisible to women because of his income and horrible choice of clothes. Will there ever be someone that will love him for who he is or will he have to compromise and become someone he is not to finally be noticed? …  READ MORE, AND PURCHASE HERE

PICK TWO: The Gift, by Ryle Edwards. Honestly because the description sounds so much like 50 shades that it has to at least be worth a shot, right?


Description: A Sadist and His slave
A relationship between a Sadist and His slave is an intense, overwhelming, and powerful journey. A bond that is forged out of mutual need. The trust that is built with the giving and receiving of extreme pain.
This is our story. A small glimpse into how our journey began. How I took the gift of my slave’s submission and turned it into our forever.  PURCHASE HERE

PICK THREE: Gentry (Wolves Of Winter’s Edge 1), by T. S. Joyce. Because WOW, for one I’m drooling, for two the reviews are a force to be reckoned with, and for three each book in the entire series is 99 freaking cents!!


Description: Gentry Striker is right back where he swore he would never be again—his hometown. All he has to do is tie up some loose ends and escape the darkness that has enveloped this place, but he can feel his destiny pulling him deeper into the shadows of this old town. The local pack has been taken over by one seriously unstable alpha, and Gentry is a rogue on a mission to escape. That is, until a striking beauty grabs his attention and demands to stay at the home he is renting out. The problem? She’s human, and isn’t safe in a town full of monsters. Perhaps Gentry is the biggest monster of all, but she’s got him wanting to dig back into his old life and become a better man. She doesn’t know it yet, but she has his wolf hunting her. And he’s not the only one. READ MORE AND PURCHASE HERE

PICK FOUR: Aggravated Momentum, By Didi Oviatt. Because it was written by yours truly, and it’s sale is what inspired this entire post, so of course I’m going to list it!! AND I actually hope you will pick it before the others, because truly I actually am a greedy little jerk like that. ENJOY


Description: Not everything is as it seems in what appears to be an average family. When danger lurks so close to home, skeletons emerge, and the darkest of secrets surface, causing twisted desires to become reality. Aggravated Momentum offers the perspective of some very diverse and unique characters, including fun, witty personalities to fall in love with, along with an intellectual killer to die for. You may be surprised as to whom exactly you can relate. Is it the cold, calculated murderer, who’s name is yet to be revealed? Markie or Kam, the independent sisters, guilty of nothing more than getting tangled with the wrong people at the most inopportune times? Or, the cowardly snake curled in a hidden corner? Who are you, exactly? And, more importantly, who are they? The deeper you dig into the psyche of another, the more breath taking are the secrets you will find. PURCHASE HERE

PICK FIVE: London Crime Thrillers Books 1-3, by J. F. Penn. Because of three words: Best Selling Author. And because of two more words: Box Set!!!


Description: ** From New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author J.F.Penn ** LONDON. When the body of a young heiress is found within the Royal College of Surgeons, Detective Sergeant Jamie Brooke is assigned to the case. An antique ivory figurine found beside the body is the only lead and she enlists Blake Daniel, a reluctant psychic, to help her discover the message it holds.

When personal tragedy strikes, Jamie has nothing left to lose and she must race against time to stop the mysterious Lyceum claiming another victim.

As Jamie and Blake delve into a macabre world of grave robbery, body modification, and the genetic engineering of monsters, they must fight to keep their sanity, and their lives.

A story of vengeance and passion for justice, a dark mystery with an edge of supernatural thriller. PURCHASE HERE



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3 Comments Add yours

  1. No One Dies in the Garden of Syn

    Original Young Adult Fantasy – only 99 cents until Dec. 31st!!

    Synthia (Syn) Wade is a teenage girl who struggles with cystic fibrosis, an incurable life-threatening disease. One day she is pushed into a pond by an unseen figure and wakes up in a new world – a mysterious garden where illness and death don’t exist. Welcomed by the garden’s residents and now free of her symptoms, Syn decides to stay. But, before long, she realizes that this apparent utopia holds many dangers and dark secrets and will soon discover that some fates are worse than death.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Didi Oviatt says:

      your book looks awesome, AND your reviews are great, AND you’re totally pulling an awesome sales rank!! KUDOs!! I totally just shared it on twitter, am officially following you, and I can’t wait to read it!


  2. That’s great – thanks Didi! Hope you enjoy the book!! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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