Why make resolutions when you’re already making your dreams come true!?

All of my friends have been talking about their resolutions and the “Changes” that need to be made in their lives in 2017, and all I can think is “yeah freaking right?!”  Its not that I have a lack of confidence in my friends, either. It’s because I personally made a conscious decision (about mid year 2015) to switch-up my mindset in general. Since then everything I wanted to “change” about myself and my life just kind of disappeared.  And, ever since then, the thought of a new years resolution just kind of seems petty and non-committal.

You see, the biggest races of improvement in life aren’t sprints, they are marathons! You can’t just suddenly be a positive thinker overnight, or with the replacement of a wall calendar. Like everything else that is worth while, self-improvement takes time. Loosing weight takes time, making money takes time, accomplishing big goals takes time, and WRITING books takes a ridiculously outrageous amount of time.

I’ve been making some very serious progress on the mystery novel that I plan to release in 2017 and it hasn’t been done by procrastination or “plans to do it next year”.  I know I will achieve my goals in 2017, there is no need to hope or wish. I know this because I have already started on them and made the change to self-improving thought daily a very long time ago.

My point is this:  Make the switch for yourselves, and do it now!!  You don’t need to wait until the year’s end/beginning. You don’t need to make some pointless resolution that will die off by mid February. Flip that tedious brain switch to positive and confidence now.  Do something to improve yourself every single day, and before you know it the goals will fall into place throughout the ENTIRE year because you’re awesome, you’ve worked hard, and because you deserve it!

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  1. Right. To take up an initiative and implement it, you don’t need a Christmas Resolution or New Year Resolution. You just have to have the heart and will to do it anytime of the year.

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