Staying Dedicated

Writers may just be the most diverse AND dedicated artists around. Our ‘hobby’ may also be the  most time consuming!  I’m sure that some may beg to differ, and that’s it totally fine, to each their own. But my argument is this: More than half of the people who attempt to write books give up half way in. They either can’t stay focused or they lack the confidence needed to finish the project through to the end.

The creative process of writing a novel isn’t even half the battle. The countless rounds of editing and revisions are the ultimate nail biting experience.  And then there is the tedious tasks publishing and marketing! PHEW, I’m exhausted just thinking about it! But wait, there’s more… What most people don’t realize is that to a true writer it is ADDICTING! When we’re not committing the act of writing, we are constantly thinking about it. That’s right, I said constantly!

So, here is my advice from one writer to another: If you are one of the lucky hundreds of thousands of people who happen to fall into every single one of the troublesome yet exciting categories above then by all means…. Dedicate yourselves to the point of no return. Improve yourselves consistently until you are the best.  Because the competition is vicious and the addiction is real!!  So master your art, and master yourself!!


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