Aggravated Momentum, an Adult Psychological thriller by Didi Oviatt (yours truly) received this awesome flattering 5 star review on Nov 1, 2016.
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Review by an Amazon reader Lorii:

on November 1, 2016

You think you know where you are at the start of this book. Then you realize, you have no clue what will be around the next corner.

I liked that we got to see some of the characters from both their own, and a different character’s perspective. At the start I felt a lot of empathy with Markie, but later in the book she seemed like a bit of a pain in the butt. This in part was due to the clever use of seeing her from the other characters eyes. This is something I’ve not seen done before. It was interesting.

When we find out who the killer is, I thought it was too fast to find this out, but actually, again, it was a smart use of getting into the killer’s head to see what will happen next.

As a reader, I’d have liked a couple more chapters with Markie in the middle, to bring me back to her again. And a couple more chapters with Markie and Kam. Just to build up that relationship more.

Without giving away spoilers (because the twists really are twists!) I’d also have liked some sort of revelation about the character connections near the end. It also would have been good to go down the path of two of the characters after one of the big twists, but maybe that will be in the sequel!

All in all, a good read. Lots of stuff I didn’t expect.

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