That famous saying “in a world of sheep, be a wolf” has ALWAYS rubbed me the wrong way.  Granted there are far too many (“Sheep”) on this unforgiving planet who are afraid of the ridicule that will come with stepping out of their box, or religious surroundings, or popularity, or even their comfort zone. Of course understand the punch line, clearly – and that is to stand above… Be brave… Be different.. BE VICIOUS!

So, here is the truth in my prospective of that; the actual reality of a WOLF, as real life may have it. Wolves are ruthless creatures, they kill for the thrill of the hunt.  They eat the guts and the heart of an animal, leaving behind the meat.  Wolves spread like a disease and wipe out everything in their path.  They also hunt in PACKS… Which, honestly, makes the point of this entire analogy mute.

Now a very sad truth of our world today, is that the wolf to sheep ratio in regards to human personality traits are far from what they used to be. Greedy, hungry, low morale people are plowing over the pure of heart at an alarming pace. It’s gut wrenching to think about. Crime rates have skyrocketed, and it’s not an uncommon thing to fall victim to fraud… Regularly. 

Lion’s also hunt in packs, which is fine, as they do so to EAT.  The typical lion doesn’t kill for the thrill. So my point is: Don’t be a mangy under handing creature. But rather, stand above on a whole different level.  By all means STAND OUT! Be majestic. Be regal. Do what needs to be done to get the job done, but do it creatively and respectfully. Good luck friends!!!

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