The Importance of READING as a writer.

I probably shouldn’t admit to this, but I once (years and years ago) wrote an entire 85k word count novel where I started over 90% of my sentences with SHE!! I know, I know, holy-mother-loving-crap right?!?! haha can every body just say “AMATEUR” one time, really loud, and in unison.

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Trust me, it took a long time for me to fess up to this fact.  The story itself was amazing, but the writing was so completely horribly awful that I probably should have just given up….  BUT I DIDN’T, and here I’m,  a MUCH MUCH better writer because of it, and hoping to help others learn from my mistakes.

Now, I know that this subject has been covered a million times over, but the truth of it just so happens to be just as important today as it was the very first time it was written.  so here goes:


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Here is a much known, yet still very interesting truth: Every time you read something you learn something…. Shocker right?

So let me ask you this:

Q. If you write all the time, without learning new stuff along the way, then what are you writing?

A. The same things that you already know, over and over and over.  

The best and ONLY way to expand your horizon in both vocabulary and sentence structure is to learn it by absorption of any and all literature other than your own. Reading for me is most beneficial if I rotate best-sellers with up and coming new Authors.  This way I can support other Indi’s  while learning what I do and don’t like about their writing along the way.  Paying it forward with support and encouragement is so important as an Indi, period! My reasoning behind rotating a best seller every other book is obvious: Learn everything you can from the best!

Now, as not to be misconstrued, let me make clear. Never ever ever be a copy cat!  Just learn. What do you love (or hate) about the scenery descriptions, and conversation usage?  How developed are the characters and what steps did the writer take to get there?  Do they use crutch words and how can that be fixed?  Are the chapters too long or too short?  How engaging is the pace, too fast or too slow?

Pay close attention to everything that you read and then improve your own writing by learning from the strengths and weaknesses of each book you absorb.

Good luck my fellow writers and always remember to ‘just keep reading’!!!!

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