Coffee Shop Secrets #mystery

Our space is small and crowded. A thick taste of sweat in the air makes me nauseous. I sit next to her on an uncomfortable metal bench. Our legs are pressed tightly together and my hand rests between her thighs to comfort her. My fingers are squished firmly in the middle of her crossed legs, about three inches above her knees. Rather than protesting the gesture, she accepts it and leans into me in a way that I have sorely missed.

It’s been a long morning at the police station. Each of us have been questioned repeatedly, first by a nurse asking if any of us have experienced any symptoms such as hot or cold flashes, and vomiting or diarrhea. She checked us for raised blood pressure, dilation of eyes, and then drew a few vials of blood. Of course, we all passed.

I was able to play along. I asked the most concerned questions — my act was flawless. After that ridiculous fiasco, the real questioning began. I’m not worried in the slightest, I nailed my answers like a pro. We’ve each been pulled into the questioning room one at a time by three different men. Agent Reese was the second. Not only did he refrain from obvious suspicion, but he apologized to me for my personal trauma.

I’m glad I had spoken to him at Strong Bean. I think the initial innocence of our previous introduction helped to ease our interaction here at the station. Morning drags into early afternoon. They still won’t release us, so we sit patiently and wait while they review the cameras from Strong Bean for the hundredth time.

I know what they will find, so my confidence remains intact. I’m a little bit disappointed that they haven’t found the empty poison container from the garbage. Incompetent imbeciles, they will never be able to prove anything.

My love has been far too quiet. We all have been, but her in particular. Her gorgeous face has remained stiff and unreadable. Her eyes are dry and her demeanor is stony.

This isn’t exactly the reaction I expected from her, but I can still find a way to bend her emotions in my favor. I can only dream that I won’t need to push her, and that she will progress to my level on her own. Wouldn’t that be perfect? Perhaps this strange reaction is a sign of strength. One way or another, she will be mine again very soon, I can feel it.

I know the thought of their mother must have crossed her mind, her sister’s too. Yet, for some reason, neither of them have mentioned her. Unless she was brought her up during questioning, and they aren’t telling each other about it. I have a comforting feeling that crazy woman hasn’t been discussed. She may be nuts, but she is smarter than they give her credit for.

She was even able to hide her illness from the prying officers. She knows better than to give away her own little secret. Catching her using that poison a few months back was a blessing for me. I know her secrets, and it scares the hell out of her.

Although, I have had to watch my back around her. You never know what that kind of crazy can actually get away with. The little warning I gave her with the poison before dipping into her stash was necessary.

This has been a small snippet from   AGGRAVATED MOMENTUM


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    1. Didi Oviatt says:

      Thank you too 🙂

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  2. Ooh, creepy protagonist and a nice voice. I’m pulled in by the sense of mystery. 🙂

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    1. thanks for reading Cathleen! He’s definitely creepy :/

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