It’s a known fact that yoga relaxes the body and clears the mind leaving room for focus and creativity. Endorphins are releases and fresh oxygenated blood is allowed to stream through your system. I don’t know about you, but when I think of yoga I picture perfectly peaceful surroundings, the quiet whisper of running water in the back ground or maybe even delicate singing birds, and the morning sun rising.

Unfortunately not everyone has the time, flexibility, floor space, and/or quiet surroundings to make a “real” yoga session happen regularly.  And some just don’t like it, which is also totally fine, no harm no foul. I happen to be one of the mid-fortunate. For the most part it’s hit and miss and I have to squeeze in what I can when I can. Usually with my two and four-year old children either mimicking me (a hilarious and healthy distraction), or making a fun new jungle gym out of what ever pose I happen to be in (a not so pleasant distraction). Either way I make it happen and especially before a writing session because the difference I can see in my concentration and creativity is phenomenal!

If you are one that says “I love yoga and wish I could do it more but don’t have the time” then you are lying to yourself, what you should be saying is “I haven’t made it a priority”. Time is what you make it. It’s obviously okay for yoga to not be a number one priority, just stop lying to yourself about it.  I get it, it can be hard, I know because I also juggle TOO much, as do most. BUT, if you really do love Yoga, as you say you do, then make it a priority because its worth it! DO WHAT YOU LOVE, ITS THAT SIMPLE!


I personally suck at yoga, but love it none-the-less.  I’m somewhere in between a Yogi and an awkward stretcher. I’m also a rambler, clearly, so let me get back to my point.

When I first noticed the difference in my writing after Yoga, as opposed to no Yoga, I decided to do a little experiment. For an entire month I set aside 2 hours a day (I made it at night’s when my husband was home to help me with my kids. He was pissed, clearly, because that is our time and not my time. But I did it anyway, and it was completely worth it! Because one month really isn’t that long.)

  • For the first week, I just wrote. I didn’t do yoga or any kind of exercise before hand.
  • The second week, I spent the first 45 to 55 min doing yoga and only one hour writing.  To my surprise I was able to hash out an even higher word count than I did the week before. I spent half as much time actually sitting at the keyboard and accomplished more.
  • Week three, I went back to NO yoga. This week I spent the majority of my time doing edits and revisions. The difference in my work between the two previous weeks was like night and day! The quality of my writing had improved immensely by the end of my second week’s work. I was completely blown away by it!
  • On the last week of my experiment, I went back to yoga before writing.  This time I cut my stretch time down to 30 minutes and gave myself a full hour and a half of uninterrupted writing time. The results were amazing!!  I was even more flexible than my previous week of actually doing the yoga, which is such an incomparable feeling of accomplishment and health. I also was able to produce a flawless flow to my writing style. There was no need for constant pauses, or re-reads, I just produced. It felt great!

Since this little experiment, I make it a point to do yoga as often as possible, and especially before sitting down to write.  The difference is uncanny.  I strongly encourage any and all of my fellow authors to give it a try!!!  Happy reading and even happier writing!!


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