I know it’s weird, but some poems do still rhyme. Especially when the writer has a severe O.C.D. problem… So, now you know… And, here we go… #lol

If impatience were a person I’d name her Prudence the pesk.

She’d nag and she’d pester , even the best.

She’d sneak and she’d lie, she’d make you her friend,

Once you let her in, she’ll stay till the end.

She’d force you to do things you normally wouldn’t,

You’ll be excited about things that you probably shouldn’t.

If you tell her your projects just aren’t ready yet,

She’ll shower you with trickery till you’re convinced it’s all set.

Every time she shows up, life around you will fail,

Your car wont start, your ship wont sail.

If impatience were a person, I’d spit in her face,

Then I’d take her by the hand, like the rest of human race.

I’d love her, I’d hate her, I’d fall for her charm,

I’d forgive her and get past all the things that she’s harmed.

There would be day’s I’d lock her out of my life,

And then days that I’d kiss her and make her my wife.

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