Self reflection isn’t always easy, but is IS always life changing,  and humbling.  It’s necessary in moving forward with any and every aspect of life that’s worthwhile.  Here are some questions that I feel are among the most important when it comes to improving one’s self, because what is quality of life without love?

  • Love is not forgiveness, but is forgiveness love?
  • Can we fall into love or is it something we grow into?
  • Is contentment love or does it have to be intense?
  • Does life change over time, or do we have to take the initiative and change it ourselves?

These are all questions that we have to ask, but the real question is, are we asking the right people??  I believe we have to ask ourselves these questions to truly know who we are. A deeply ruling fact is that there are actually no right or wrong answers  to any of these questions.

People search their entire lives for happiness.  I believe we have to face and fight our own demons before happiness can be found.  We have to admit to and confront our problems head on.

Find the fears we struggle to admit to.  Embrace the pain we would otherwise run from. Seek and cling to the home inside our heart and souls. Never become too comfortable with where we are or who we are with. Know who are friends are and be a friend to them at all cost. 

Never expect to much of anyone else, and always expect more from ourselves. Don’t be afraid of failure, denial, or rejection because therein lies lessons, strength, and advancement of self.  We should wear our hearts on our shoulders and know exactly who we are!

The answer to these questions are not simple, yet they are really not that complicated either.  We each hold the answers within. They may differ from person to person, but that is exactly what make these questions special.

Know who you are, be who you are, and LOVE who you are!

If you can do these things, then life will fall into place.

You will not have to look for happiness because happiness will find you!

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