Wow, lets talk about an amazing woman!  Any truly avid reader knows exactly who Colleen Hoover  is, as she has produced several NYT Best Selling books.

Colleen’s writing talent goes above and beyond, demanding the up most attention and respect in the reader’s community.  Each one of her novels has consistently racked in 4 and 5 star ratings by the THOUSANDS, making her books a force to be reckoned with!  Honestly she is in my top few all time favorite Author’s, I’m even reading November 9 as we speak! BUT there is something that only her truly close fans know about Colleen, and that is her pure and giving heart!

Giving to the most needing and most deserving people and charities is just one of the great and amazing things she is known for. Most recently Colleen created a Go Fund Me account for a local boy in need.  This youngster’s story is completely heart wrenching, I could go into the details but my words wouldn’t do him near the justice that Colleen’s did!!  (His background actually reminds me a little of Atlas, a character from another of her books.  Atlas has held the position of my book boyfriend for some time now!… Just FYI haha)

To read his story, learn more about Colleen as a person, and even donate if at all possible CLICK HERE to reach the Go Fund Me account.

Last night when I cozied in on my couch at the end of the day I picked up my phone to scroll around a little FB.  As usual, the first page I pulled up was a members only fan page of Colleen called CoHorts. This group is growing at an alarming rate and currently has over 24k members. She also has a FB Authors page that is public.  Anyhow, last night, as soon as I began to read the posts for that day I instantly had tears in my eyes!!  This particular go fund me that she got the ball rolling on had pulled together ALARMING much needed numbers in just one day, and the comments made by her and by the CoHort members were so overwhelmingly kind and giving in everyway!  I was blown away!!

Today, just a few minutes ago I pulled the page up again, just to check up on this amazing story.  My heart strings have been pulled!!  Not only has the giving sprit continued to spread but there is even news articles written about it!!  Only read this news article if you’re ready to cry!!!

I absolutely LOVE Colleen Hoover, and I also LOVE being a CoHort member!!