Colleen Hoover, Author of several NYT bestsellers raised OVER $60,000 in ONE DAY for a local homeless boy in her area.  That’s right, over 60 grand!! The Go Fund Me account that Colleen wrote raised so much so fast that there was no need to keep it open longer than a day!  Although it’s now closed for donations, and therefore the details written by Colleen in regards to this homeless boy are currently unavailable to read, you can still see a little more about the story in their local news by clicking HERE.

I wrote a post yesterday about how grateful I am to be a member of her FB fan page the CoHorts (you can read my post here: I love being a member of Colleen Hoover’s CoHorts Page!!).  I shared a link to this blog post to that very CoHorts FB page, honestly not expecting it to be approved by admin and actually shared.  I mean, after all, there are OVER 24k members in the group, so I can only imagine just how flooded their requests for posts actually are!!   To my surprise the share was approved, allowing the CoHorts members to access the link to my blog post!!

I know I know, amazing right!?!?!   Anyhow, this actually got my post over 450 views in a matter of only a few hours!  I know to many of you out there is this blogging world of popular and crazy busy bloggers that doesn’t seem like anymore than just an average days work. But, for me it was SO EXCITING! I felt like a giddy little school girl who just got an A on her first big paper! Or like a puppy that was finally able to fetch the ball that I’d been jumping up and down for, for what seemed like forever!!!

You see, I’m a new blogger, (three months next week to be exact.), so that was officially my first big jump in numbers.  Can we just talk about stats?  Only one picture, really fast, and only because I’m too excited not to share!


Looking at this only reinforced my feelings of gratitude for the CoHorts group!  What an outstanding group in every way!!  Colleen must have a golden finger, and everything she touches just transformed into something beautiful!  She actually helped me in a round about way without even trying, or realizing it!  Her giving nature is pure and amazing and beautiful, and I just LOVE everything about her!

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