Really though, I actually love to read overly opinionated posts.  Maybe it’s curiosity, and maybe it’s that excited heart thump of a potential conflict that it could possibly cause, (not between myself and the writer, of course, but between them and whoever does actually comment with some random argument that I will surly be nosy enough to read!) who knows. Either way, it seems to me that the more opinionated and/or heated an article or blog post actually is, the more likely I am to read it.

So really, I only have one short sweet point to make with this entire statement, and it’s this:  KEEP BEING OPINIONATED!!   Passion is a beautiful attention grabbing thing!! Don’t be shy, unless of course it’s really disrespectful and then, yes, maybe you should just stay shy..  But passionate posts are AWESOME!!  I love to read alternate points of views.  There’s nothing that makes you think about, or re-think about subjects that you otherwise wouldn’t give a second look, like a good ol’ heated blog post!!!

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