Short, easy reading reviews, for short easy reading stories!!!  Coping with short spouts of time that need to be wasted when you’re a restless soul, doesn’t have to be such a pain in the a** anymore!! I don’t know about you but I absolutely hate when I’m forced to wait on someone, or have to sit around at appointments.  I personally feel like my time is very valuable and there are better things for me to be doing than wasting it on completely unnecessary circumstances….  But, it happens nonetheless!

When ever I’m between reads, and I’m forced to sit around and waste my time, I often find myself scrolling blindly through social media, getting bored and sometimes even upset at seeing countless political views, and duck lip selfies (no offence intended).

I’m one of those weirdos that pick up magazines at doctors offices and rather than flipping through the ads, I flop it open right to the middle where there’s usually an actual story to read!  Call me crazy, but I have awkward feeling that I’m not alone in this strange habit!

Now there is a cure to these bored Time Wasted moments in our lives!!

Download time wasters now, and then read when needed!!!

Waiting in a parking lot to pick up a friend? Read a Time Waster!

Completely disinterested in the sports game your husband is watching? Read a Time Waster!

Constipated? Read a Time Waster (sorry if that’s TMI… But really, everyone poops, and it’s a proven fact that reading while you’re dumping helps it to pass!!)

Are you in a slump, and need something to get you back in the spirit of the game?  Read a Time Waster!!

Last but most definitely not least. Are you out of an internet service area??? …gasp!!..I know, I know, someone check your heart rate!! .  Well, if you are out of service then it’s a good thing you already have Time Waster downloaded onto your phone huh!! hurrah!

Here is a screenshot of my two very first reviews for a Time Wasters story!!


These reviews were for Love or Low Places? Super Short Prelude to Love:

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