Month of Love: HELP me find ‘THE’ book, please!

It’s been a while since I read a straight up damn good Love story.  In light of this month being the time for romance I found myself searching through my Goodreads TBR list looking for a great heart tuger. I’m not just talking a cutesy little lightweight story that will pull a few tears out, but I’m not talking porno either.  I want something in between the two, and I’m coming up short.

This year for the month of February I want to read the perfect romance, something that will knock my socks off. Of course I’ll read a few other books through out the month, some being romance and some not, but as long as I can find that one perfect book then I’ll be satisfied.

My dream love book this season will have an incomprehensible character that will fill the place of my new book boyfriend.  He’ll be a strong manly tough guy, yet gentle and sensitive in the perfect ways. And he will be sexy, very very sexy.   I’m talking the kind of sexy that will have me questioning my real life choices, because, wow I want that! (really tho, I love my husband with every part of me, but everyone dreams right? Hence the point of having book boyfriends!)  The story setting and punch line of my ideal romance is unique yet relate-able.  I want something different and new, but don’t want something that’s so far fetched it’s going to have me wishing I could fall for superman or a yeti or something completely ridiculous.

See maybe something like this lol:

Image result for pictures of shirtless firefighters

I want the intimate scenes to take my breath away, and I want the every day actions to be heartfelt… So basically, this year for the month of February, I want to read a book that will make me FEEL!  I want to cry, I want to laugh out loud, and I want a new book boyfriend that will make me toss my kindle down onto the bed and then completely ravish my husband, because, well, I just cant help myself…  And because we both deserve it!

Now, I’m a little embarrassed and ashamed of myself that I don’t have even one book in my TBR that might fill this bill!!  WTF is wrong with me?!?!   Currently, my list is almost completely full of horror/thriller/mysteries.. There are a few romance stories, but they aren’t all about the romance, they are more like mystery with a little romance thrown in..  Again, WTF!!

So please please PLEASE my blogger friends HELP ME!!!!  If anyone out there can recommend me the PERFECT love book this season then I will forever be in your debt! Thank you in advance!

Image result for pictures of celebrating thank yous

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  1. Hmm. This is going to require some thinking!🤔

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    1. Didi Oviatt says:

      agreed! I’m really struggling lol

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  2. When you find THE book – PLEASE SHARE! 😀

    My biggest pet peeve over the last few years is romance is missing from the Romance genre.

    Don’t get me wrong – there are some fantastic stories out there – my TBR can attest to that – 😄 – but we’re on overload from all the ownings, claimings, matings, submittings, and oh, lord – secret babies…that seemed to be fueled by everything but the heart.

    Not trying to diss the genre I’m a part of (okay, maybe I did) but a few Grand Romantic Gestures or Gift-of-the-Magi type personal sacrifices would be nice. 😉


    1. Didi Oviatt says:

      Haha right?!? So far the closest to a real LOVE LOVE (like the kind that is grown into, and felt on every level) that I’ve read in a while was Me Before You by JoJo, and the guy was s quadriplegic sooooo yeah, kinda lacked the Juicy/Steamy stuff 😂

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