Saturday Unplug….

The sound of Mickey Mouse Club House interrupted my concentration. I read the exact same sentence for the third time, and then I squeezed my phone a little tighter in my hand in frustration. I just want to finish reading this chapter, that’s all, but I’m unable too because of Mickey. It’s seven o’clock in the morning and I already want to strangle that damn mouse.  But, that’s when it happens. It’s the same as every other day, but for some reason the event struck a different cord than usual.

Kimber, my two year old climbed onto my lap and forced her way between myself and the book I was trying so desperately to finish. I set the story down, as usual, because these cuddles are few and far between, and I’m well aware that there’s no freezing time. She’ll never be the exact same human as she was at that very moment. Everyday she grows and changes, every single day time stamps a new thumb print on our lives, leaving behind what was, while it makes room for what will be.

Her hair was rolled in four lines like Twizzlers sticks and then held in place with miniature bands on the crown of her head. It was a left over hair style from the day before so the tinny little fly-aways were protruding in every direction. She looked like she could’ve just rubbed a balloon all over her head. Sticky little fingers stuck to the back of my neck, and she smelt like the mushy Captain Crunch Berry that was smeared up the side of her face. She pulled out of the tight heartfelt hug to look me square in the eye and say,

“I wud ya, mummy… Sooooo Mush.”

I was instantly butter, melting slowly into the fibers of my cheep couch covers.

“I love you too, baby!”  I said through my forming tears. “SO MUCH!”

My baby girls affection is sweetly genuine, and although she says the exact same thing to me every single morning, for some reason it hit me like a bolt of lightning yesterday!!!

I’ve been going to take a day to unplug and unwind for some time now, but keep putting it off and putting it off. So I finally decided to put every single non essential aside, and use my time wisely. By wisely, I mean by giving my family every single bit of attention I could possibly muster without the interruption technology. I instantly tucked my phone away and shut off Mickey stupid mouse (Much to Kimber’s dismay! But don’t worry, she got over it quickly… She’s only two after all. It doesn’t take much more than a bubble bath or a story book to distract her.)

I used up the entire day spending quality time with my husband and two children. I was able to reflect on love and the importance of them in my life. It was BEAUTIFUL, and I may just make it a weekly habit!!

Anyhow, I  strongly encourage any and everyone reading this to do the same! After all, what is one day, if not the renewal of sanity, and restoration of love, and purification in your own personal reflection of priorities.

Unplug soon, because it’s worth it!!  There is no rewind button, and you don’t want to miss out on any important memories with those who need you the most.





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