Quick question: (or five lol) Why did you start writing in the first place? Really though… From where exactly did your passion originate? Was it to create wondrous adventures, or to feel capable and empowered? Was it to drive home an important point in a subject that you’re passionate about? Was it to learn and develop, or even to feel some sort of accomplishment in your mental capacities?

Everything has a beginning. Every writer has a first sentence. Every painter has a very first stroke of a brush. Every chef bakes a first pastry. Every baby takes a first step.

Some of us share some very strong similarities in our reasoning behind writing, but most of us have a drive of our own.  Our brains are different, our pasts are different, and our product is different. If two writers where to approached the exact same subject, their outcomes would inevitably be altered. The uniqueness of our beginnings is just one of many factors that set us apart as artists. It’s a beautiful thing.  No two writers will ever create the exact same piece, just as no two tongues have the same taste buds, and no two noses intake identical smells. Weird facts, I know, but its true.

Not everyone likes dry toast, but there ARE those who do.

It’s because of these differences that there IS NO “RIGHT” WAY. There’s only our very own individualized ways. Find what works for you and do it. No mater what anyone else says, because no one knows what’s best for your writing aside from you.

Now, no mater the reasoning behind our crazy choices in writing careers, there’s one thing we DO all have in common — and that’s PASSION. If it doesn’t start with a feeling, a want, a burning desire to produce something that requires a challenge — one that we’re strangely compelled to complete in a way that is utterly relentless – then we can’t call ourselves true writers.  Every piece of (really good) literature written, has a reason, a purpose, and the human behind it’s creation had a burning passion to create it.  

So, my point is this:

There is no “right way to write” as we’re all completely different. What works for one person will not work for everybody.

I could sit and give you grammar tips, or we could discuss the proper use of nouns, conjunctions, homonyms, synonyms, punctuation and what have you, because when it comes to technicalities there will always be a correct way and an incorrect way to write. But this is not a classroom and I am not your teacher.  I’m nothing but mere humble writer such as yourself.

I make mistakes, I seek the answers to every tedious little bump in my writing road, just like any and every other writer on the planet. I obviously don’t already have all the answers.  In all honesty, I really don’t even have very many answers… To life… In general… (I’m kind of winging it)

But I can tell you one thing I’m certain of… And that’s if you’re going to do anything RIGHT for your WRITING career, then please, for the sake of all that is pure and creative, please put all those smarty pants technicalities aside (just once in a while) in order to seek out the original PASSION that got you started.  If you love what you’re working on then what ever is pushing you will inevitably bleed through your words.  Your passion will be felt in your work, your own lungs will breath life into your characters, and your own fingertips will pump the heart of the story. Care about the creative process. The grammar fixes and proper edits will come later.

Good luck writers, you got this!!