Standalone Sunday is a meme created by Megan at BookslayerReads. Where each Sunday you feature a book that is a standalone (not a part of a series) that you really like and would recommend to others. (Visit the BookSlayerReads page for more info).



This is actually a book that was supposed to be a buddy read with Megan herself, but I suck and didn’t wait for her to be ready to read it with me… SORRY MEGAN!! lol.. I jumped the gun because I’m reckless, so I hope you’ll still want to buddy read something else soon Megan!!

So here it is!!  My recommendation for this Sunday is The Shuddering, by Ania Ahlborn.


The Shuddering is one of the first books with crazed, disgusting, out of this worldly type, human eating beasts that I actually loved!  I read this book because I’m an Ania fan in general. Her way with words is one of a kind. She has a beautiful flow that just sucks you right in, and although I did like Brother better than this book, I still really enjoyed it!
There was so much going on in The Shuddering between couples. New relationships, old ones, strained ones, healthy ones, freshly developing ones. The back story of Ania’s characters are relatable, interesting, heartfelt, individualized in unique traits, and they’re very developed.  Because of deep connection and insights Ania gives with this wide variety of relationships (between the main characters AND the random victims explained through out) the book is able to be about the actual people, their stories in life, and their fight for survival together rather than JUST about the ravenous beasts. In other words its very well rounded. The deaths are tragic, the adrenalin is felt, and the fear seems real.  I really felt attached to the characters.
And now for the beasts…. WOW just WOW!!! Talk about nightmares! The Shuddering isn’t coming up short in the creepy skin crawling department, nor in the blood, gore, eating intestines like a string of linked sausage department either. Ania Alborn nailed it with the horror once again!! I’m a hundred percent sure that I wont be going to a cabin in the woods in the middle of winter any time soon!


Ryan Adler and his twin sister, Jane, spent their happiest childhood days at their parents’ mountain Colorado cabin—until divorce tore their family apart. Now, with the house about to be sold, the Adler twins gather with their closest friends for one last snowboarding-filled holiday. While commitment-phobic Ryan gazes longingly at Lauren, wondering if his playboy days are over, Jane’s hopes of reconciling with her old boyfriend evaporate when he brings along his new fiancée. As drama builds among the friends, something lurks in the forest, watching the cabin, growing ever bolder as the snow falls…and hunger rises.

After a blizzard leaves the group stranded, the true test of their love and loyalty begins as the hideous creatures outside close in, one bloody attack at a time. Now Ryan, Jane, and their friends must fight—tooth and nail, bullet and blade—for their lives. Or else surrender to unspeakable deaths in the darkened woods.