Because I need to burn a motivation fire under my rear today!

So many people talk about writers block this, and writers block that.  Even I’m guilty of having written on the subject a time or two.  Today writers block is not my problem, nor was it yesterday, and it probably wasn’t my problem a few of the other times that I so blindly pointed the finger at it in blame.  Just like any other “job” or “hobby”  writing can get tough, it’s a challenge. Writing requires a deep love, the kind of love that drives you to work through the patches of despair.  And, I’m not talking about despair in writing either, I’m talking about despair in life. Nobody is ever in the same mood, for the same thing every day. We’re emotional creatures and can be easily distracted, that’s all a part of being human.

The last couple days have been straight chaos for me.  I have been running like a mad woman taking care of personal issues that have absolutely nothing to do with writing. It’s been completely draining mentally an emotionally.  Now, today, as I return to the regular routine or my “normal life” all the chaos of recent events complete, I find myself struggling to get my head back in the game.  I sat down this morning with the time to finally hash out a couple hours worth of writing in my latest novel.  But, I very quickly realized that getting my concentration back was more a challenge than expected today.  My focus seems clouded after the break.

I’d been so excited to finally put aside my trials, for even a few hours, and concentrate on something that I love. After about twenty minutes of staring blankly at my keyboard, and then a few random paragraphs of edits and revisions rather than actual writing, I found myself inventing things to distract myself from the entire project. (Which happens OFTEN even the to the best of us!).

Anyhow, after printing off ABC coloring pages for my four year-old that I randomly found on Google, and after dusting every single trinket to be found in my office, and organizing every drawer in my desk (twice). I finally had to force myself to close down all the tabs in my browser aside from my book.  I reminded myself that consistency despite iritic moods is key!! I also reminded myself that even the best authors struggle with “writers block” but that it isn’t a “block” at all… Its nothing but a shift in one’s mood that plays nasty tricks on their inspiration.

There’re times when subconscious thoughts become our enemies rather than allies. It’s consistency and dedication that put them in check, and reroute our thought process until its back on the right path. No matter our circumstances, its important to get back on that writing horse when life throws us a curve and knocks us senseless!  I’m grateful that my distractions only lasted a few days, and I’m also grateful that I possess the love and yearn to create a powerful piece of literature! I’m on a quest, and determined.

So here I am, working through the tough days and relishing the great ones!  I hope you are doing the same.

And if all else fails lets:


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  1. Keri L. says:

    I needed that today. I’ve been slacking off on my novella, but now, I’m glueing my butt to that chair and pushing through. Thanks!

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    1. Didi Oviatt says:

      YES! You’ve got this!! I’m going to glue mine too! Good luck with your project! 🙂

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      1. Keri L. says:

        Thanks! You too!😀😎

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  2. LIFE will always get your attention and your time…whether you want it to or not! LOL! Use those feelings of frustration when you write! 😉

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  3. Soul Gifts says:

    Know these feelings well, even though I’m not writing a novel. Seems of late that everytime I sit down to write a blog post, my mind is blank. No ideas. I do always manage to find something. What is in the ethers at the moment – so many of us are experiencing the same thing !!
    BTW – thank you so much for the follow. Love to have you along for the ride.
    Reading your ABOUT page and how you passed childhood playing with sticks and the like, reminded me of my brother-in-law. Whenever his kids whinge, he tells them he grew up playing with a stick and a wheel, so they have nothing to complain about !

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    1. Didi Oviatt says:

      You’re welcome, and thank you too!! Your brother is probably a very awesome human!! Stick gun childhoods were the best, we really had it made in our simplicity. I think kids these days are really going to struggle between deciphering between reality and falsehoods as they grow 😒.. social media has really changed our youth!!

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      1. Soul Gifts says:

        You’re right, it has ! There is a lot to be said for simplicity

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  4. I have so been there–and now doubt will be again. Hang in there. This too will pass. 🙂

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