He dug around for a few minutes exposing a small, lift from the ground door.   It looked to the Sheriff almost like a door to a storm shelter. “There must be some kinda’ room or bunker down yonder”, stated the larger man, standing post with his rifle. “After you Sheriff” he said looking over at old Sheriff Black.  The smaller of the two farmers handed his shovel to his cousin and lifted the door.  The hinges made a small squeak as it rose from the ground.  There was an old ladder dropping down into the dark lair.

The inside of the bunker was damp and dark.  There were old slabs of wood leaned against the walls of the hole. They were holding up the thin tin roof no doubt. There was no telling how long this bunker had been here hidden, just over a mile out of town.  The three men stood at the base of the ladder, all just a little too nervous to go any further into the dark.  They couldn’t see more than a couple of inches in front of them but the ground was sticky and the odor was unbearable.

“How has no one ever found this place?” questioned one of the young farmers.

“I just wish we had more light.  Maybe we should make a torch”, stated the other. “We could use my shirt.”

They all made the climb back up the ladder.  The farmer removed his shirt and wrapped it up with small sticks onto a larger log while the other built a fire close by to light it with.  It didn’t take them long to get a torch blazing.  The smaller of the farmers spoke up,

“We don’t have long before this thing stops burning so we had better make it fast.  Maybe one of us should stay on top by the door in case the man who put this creepy place together is anywhere close.  I don’t know about you two but I don’t want to be locked in it if the owner shows up on the outside.”

“Your right cousin, it wouldn’t take much if we were all down there for him to lock us in.  I guess since you dug the hole I had better be the one who goes in.”

The larger man Climbed down the ladder and reached up for the torch.  Sheriff Black handed the torch to him, and then followed down the ladder himself.  The room wasn’t big, and now with a fire inside they could see everything.  It was gruesome and overwhelming, even for the evil old Sheriff who was no stranger to blood. The young farmer holding the torch bend over and started throwing up before he even took a step toward Misty’s body.  It had been cut into several pieces and laid out throughout the small one-room spaced out bunker.  The smell was more than he could take. There were also remains of at least one other victim from years before.  Old bones were all that was left.

“I wonder who the other bones belong to?” stated the Sheriff. “And what the hell are we to do with this mess.”  The flames didn’t last long, just as they had predicted.  They turned around and made the climb back up the ladder.

“Well, what was down there cousin?” asked the man waiting outside.

The shirtless farmer collapsed to the ground next to a tree speechless unable to explain the horror he had just witnessed.  “I… I…  We… She…” was all he could manage to spit out.  The Sheriff was able to speak a little more steady yet didn’t quite know what to say either.

“She is in pieces………”


This intense story of two brothers, John and Riker Hounds, and their two closest friends will keep you on your toes from beginning to end. Being in a depression, it is tough times in the community with poverty and sickness. There is killer on the loose and the four are thrown in the middle of tragedy, love, mystery, family ties, and self-defense. They are presented with one roadblock after another in their journey to prove their innocence and avenge the lives of the lost. Will Riker be able to overcome the clutches of evil? Or will it be too late for him to save Chloe, his one true love? You will never predict what each page will bring as you make your way through this fearful tale of infliction. With trouble lurking around every corner John and Riker struggle to keep their lives in order. It explains every angle, view and conflict of each unique personality in the story. Your emotions will run at an all-time high as you make your way through this gripping tale.