Vicious competition of our thoughts: Inspiration Vs. Self-doubt

Didi Oviatt

Picture this (or re-live it in memory, if the case may be):

Sally wakes to a cool crisp morning, after a refreshing peaceful nights sleep. She feels fantastic, you see, because for the first time in weeks she was able to get a full nights sleep. The night before her children did the unthinkable and laid themselves down in bed without a peep!!  No begging for water, crying for cartoons, or repetitive tip-toes into the living room trying to sneak a peak at whatever rated R movie the adults are watching on television. It was a miracle of an evening!  Sally took advantage of that wonderful gift from above.

After replacing the sheets on her bed with a cleaner higher thread count, she shimmied into a fantastic silk top, dropped some lavender into the diffuser by her bed, did a couple yoga stretches and laid down herself.  It was a beautiful…

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