Young Adults Are NOT Kids

Didi Oviatt

I recently came to the conclusion that I have become that ridicules old lady whom I used to despise. What makes this even worse, is that I myself am only 31. Which honestly doesn’t even give me the right to call myself old, yet somehow I have allowed myself to develop an attitude of superiority over those approaching adulthood.  Upon this stomach-churning realization, I hereby vow to put myself in check!

As a teen/young adult I had a very sever chip on my shoulder. I know, I know, big shocker right?  Despite my parents efforts to keep me sheltered and force me to live forever as a child who never grew up or experienced life, I found myself doing the opposite. I was a regular NORMAL young human.  I rebelled, I watched rated R movies, smoked cigarettes, snuck alcohol, cussed like a sailor (still do), stayed out all hours of the night, and sadly enough was even sexually active. There was nothing…

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