Top 5 ways to build your writing stamina.

We all know it takes some serious stamina to write a novel. It isn’t only about sticking it out to the end of a story creation either. That’s only the beginning. Then you have scene revisions, beefing up your content and word count, adding and perfecting dialogue, plus round after round after round of edits. You also have to research, read an endless amount of other peoples work throughout as to consistently improve word usage and flow. Wow, sounds exhausting right? Those of us who’ve been there know that it takes some pretty serious stamina to stick it out till the end. Here are some tips that might help in building that stamina.

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1. Every morning as you get out of bed think of your final finished product. Keeping your eye on the prize is essential. It helps immensely to maintain a vision of your novel, and not just the book in general either. Picture your title on those best sellers lists. Imagine your readers faces of shock as they devour your words and indulge in your twists and shockers. If you start out every single day with the ultimate goal in mind, then you’ll actually WANT to sit your butt down and work at it. Those mood setting morning thoughts are basically the key to completion. Hold onto that vision. Keep your focus.

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2. Manage your time wisely. Building your writing stamina doesn’t happen over night, and it most certainly can’t happen if you don’t MAKE THE TIME for it. Writing a novel is obviously a long term investment of time, but it can only become a reality through several consistent short term investments of time. Pencil your writing time into your daily schedule, and make writing a daily or even weekly habit. Even if you have to find a babysitter one day a week in order to make it possible then do it (your kids deserve all of your attention when they’re with you, and  so does your novel. So separating the two might be wise rather than trying to split yourself in two. You wont be doing your kids OR your writing any justice if your distracted from either. If you do get a sitter though, then please oh please don’t do it to often. Never falter on your priorities.)

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3. When taking a breather from your novel, write short stories and/or poetry.  Sometimes its important to distance yourself from big projects for a week or two. It allows you to return with a fresh prospective. You can’t catch and fix your own flaws if you’re buried in them.  It’s kind of like being nose-blind to the smell of your car, or saying ‘like’ and ‘um’ all the time. You just do it and don’t even realize it.  When you distance yourself and then return later, you’ll catch so many more things that you’ll want to fix. BUT sometimes its easy get get lazy in writing or out of routine, and then when you return it’s  like staring all over. SO, write small things. This will allow you to keep your routine, and it will also help you round out your skills by switching things up and rerouting your thought process.

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4.  Set achievable short term goals. It’s no big secret that long term goals can never be reached if we don’t set and accomplish short term goals along the way.  So do it, right now. Set yourself an achievable goal for each day this week and then DO IT!  Not only will you be proud of yourself and feel accomplished, but you will also be excited about doing the same next week, and so on and so on. If you’re a novelist then never ever put off your goal setting.

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5. Read best selling books in your genre. Have you ever met a pro ball player who didn’t watch others play the sport he/she loves?  Have you ever met an architect that didn’t admire and allow themselves to be inspired by immaculate structures? Reading makes you a better writer, PERIOD, it just does.  While you are writing a particular genre, read best sellers in that same genre.  It will inspire you, it will give you confidence, it will help you keep your head in the game. Therefore – it WILL assist in building your writers stamina!

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  1. I’ve also heard to write a novel you need a story board, a list of qualities for each character to be consistent.

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    1. Yes!! Very important… consistancy can be tough without having an outline set in place.. Story boards are crazy helpful! 😎

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      1. I see you have plenty published books I will download some of your books. I have two books published too on Amazon. I may be your biggest fan? 😊

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Awesome!! I’ll download yours too 😍😍… of mine I recommend Aggravated Momentum first 😉

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      3. I’m checking out babybook publishing – how was that process? Is it easy?

        Will check it out! 😍

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      4. Bookbaby was great! I feel like they did great with my cover image too, however I only published as Ebook with them so I couldn’t tell you how agreeable their paperback process is 🤔

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      5. Do you have an amazon link to your own favorite published piece??

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      6. I love poetry! I wish I was better at writing it lol 😅

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      7. I write short stories and erotica but haven’t published a book of that yet. The other book is a collection of erotic poetry – a story about a woman ~ Craving Lorena.

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      8. I got my book cover from Prices are reasonable and she does a great job if you are interested.

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      9. Yes! Thanks for the recommendation! I actually AM very interested. I’ll be ready to publish my next novel this summer and I think I’m going to stick with KDP, so I’ll have to come up with my own cover… I’m just about ready to start shopping around for a cover designer so this is perfect! thank you 🙂

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      10. Welcome – it’s such a pleasure to meet you!

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      11. You too! And I just downloaded your poetry, I can’t wait to dive in 🙂

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      12. Here is my email address –, I’m sure we could learn from one another 😊

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      13. Perfect! You are officially saved… mine is 🙂

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  2. Jo-Ann says:

    This is great, I tend to find other things to do than write. I believe its called procrastination 😉 Keep my eyes on the prize…will do! Thank you!


    1. haha yes, I’m the queen of procrastination! You got this! 🙂

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