The Maze that is a Writers Mind… How it works. (#shortstory included)

I found myself running in circles today, so I felt it appropriate to re-share 😅

Didi Oviatt

I once listened to a short speech regarding the human brain/thought process.  It was referred to as being similar to an open internet stream on a computer. Every person browses differently, such as brain activity is unique and individualized. As one person may open one tab at a time, explore it and then close out before opening another — Someone else may open far to many tabs at a time and put themselves in a confused state of overloaded information and tasks, making it nearly impossible to keep their thoughts straight. On that same note, but with a little different context; Some people find subjects that they love and never open more tabs or explore other sites. All-the-while other people cannot get enough information, and they have to explore everything available!

I’m sure you can imagine several more analogies that may or may not have been mentioned in the speech, because the punch line is clear and…

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