Today I’ve been a Negative Nancy. This is rare. I’m usually a pretty upbeat -the glass is half full- kind of gal. It’s actually annoying for the most part, my smiley giddy face beaming around every possible downer situation. I’m the kind of girl that even I get annoyed of when I come across one. But hey, it is what it is, right?

Today, I’m just not that girl. Perhaps its from lack of sleep, I’m sure that’s played a part anyways.  My kids have been like ravenous beasts in the middle of the night lately, they’re eating me alive lol…  Mostly though, I think this crap mood is primarily due to the fact that I’m spending the majority of my time editing!!

And there you have it.  In one day I’ve transformed my inspirational book blog into one of doom and gloom… All because of editing… Oh how I despise it lol