Oh what a week I’ve had!  I decided last Sunday, that I would set aside all other projects and just focus on my own current WIP. Other beta’s, and editing projects, and even reviews were put on the back burner and I really hit the grind on my novel Search For Maylee.  

I’m happy to say, the decision was worth it!!  I was actually able to buckle down and completely throw myself into it all week.  The progress I’ve made is phenomenal and I’m so freaking excited!!!  Here is a super short quick excerpt.


Josie twisted the lock and cracked to door. Not completely open, just enough to peek out and lock eyes with Autumn. No words were needed, everything she needed to know was painted all over the urgent sympathy in of her savior’s face. Josie knew that look well, she’d seen it on her mother several times as a child when her father had drank too much and was out for blood. Everything about the downward pull of Autumn’s tight lips, and the strain of her burning apologetic eyes told Josie that she needed to make herself invisible, and fast.

“Where can I hide?” She whispered.

Autumn released a lungful of air, completely relieved at Josie’s unspoken understanding. There was no time for a drawn out explanation. She was down to twenty minutes before Chance was to come physically barging back into her life, and she still had to jump in and out of the shower to wet her hair before it happened.

“In my room.” Autumn said, as she assisted Josie in draping an arm around her shoulder to help them move a little faster. “I’m so sorry. I wasn’t expecting company.”

Josie didn’t respond. She only watched as Autumn tossed a few blankets and pillows onto the floor in a small space between the bed and the wall. It was perfect. She wouldn’t be seen from the doorway, if anyone were to look in at a glance. As long as they didn’t come searching she’d be safe. If they did come looking, there would be no hiding either way and Josie had already accepted that fate.

The comfort of the pillows and the cleanliness of the blankets called to her.  She hadn’t seen such luxuries in weeks. Not since she was last with him, being injected by a needle in his bed. The memory caused Josie to shudder. She forced out the recollection of burning veins and the blackness that followed.     

Autumn’s bedding cradled Josie as she lowered herself to the floor. The pillows smelled of fresh linen, and the comforter was clearly down. It felt like she was hiding in a cloud. A familiar cloud like something from a dream. Autumn handed her the sandwich, along with some Advil and a tall glass of Iced Tea. Then she scurried away to rummage new clothes from her closet.