Didi Oviatt

Please don’t make me go in that cold damp dirt,

I’m small, and I’m fragile, I know it will hurt.

You’re meant to be planted, you’re a winter bulb,

Only when you blossom, will your story be told.

The weight is too heavy, I can’t hardly breath,

It’s squeezing me tight, please help me, help me, I’m only a seed.

Take in a breath, find your roots, reach down deep,

Look around, and find I’ve given you everything you need.

I’m cracking, I can feel it, please don’t let me die,

Why don’t I believe you? Feeling so lost, I give up, I only cry.

Those tears give you water, just open your eyes,

You’ve cracked cause your sprouting, you’ll soon find meaning in life.

My muscles are clenched, the ground is freezing,

I’m grabbing for something, anything to help my body from seizing.

Where did you go? Why won’t…

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