Usborne books are my favorite kids books, BECAUSE they are my kids favorites! I have a two and a four year old, so it’s such an exciting age for them to be read to! As every one of you mommies know, (especially you fellow book nerdy ones) children’s literature has such a long lasting and powerful impact on our kids development.



It’s quite a simple process. My personal Usborne children’s book consultant, Brookelle Langi has launched a FB group (FACEBOOK GROUP PARTY PAGE) dedicated solely to MY party!!  Exciting right! The group is open for questions, educational posts, and random games through out the next week. Then the actual PARTAYYYYY will be a quick hour or so. May 4th at 8:30 mountain time we will joining all together for book chats and drawings before the purchasing period is closed.

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 To brows and make direct orders to my party without having to join the Facebook extravaganza, you can do so directly HERE


I’m so excited guys!  Usborne has hundreds of children’s books to choose from. They are unique, high quality, AND affordable. They have options for all ages. They are categorized in many ways, from age to interest to educational level and more! I’m yet to come across an Usborne book that isn’t worth every penny spent and more. My daughter’s personal fav at the moment is the “That’s not my” touchy feel set. They are ADORABLE!  She is two and has each and every one memorized.. Especially the Panda, it’s her go-to lol, like I said, Adorbs!


Description: This fabulous touchy-feely library contains five of our best-selling zoo animal titles – Lion, Meerkat, Panda, Monkey and Elephant, and comes in a sturdy keepsake library box. Makes a wonderful gift!  VIEW THAT’S NOT MY ZOO

My son’s favorite right now is The Busy Car book. Each page has a different setting and there is a track with a little toy car that drives through it! Oh my gosh he loves it!  That book keeps my busy kid very well entertained! It’s a win win for both of us 😉


Description: Watch as the car whizzes around the tracks in this delightful interactive book. Wind up the car by pulling it backward, place it on the track and let it go. VIEW THE BUSY CAR BOOK

Again, you can jump on the direct link without joining the FB party.  To brows and make direct orders to my party without having to join the Facebook extravaganza, you can do so directly HERE

To join me and Brookelle on FB, all you need to do is click this link:


Request to be a member, and that’s it!  I’ll add you right on in the group!

Happy shopping friends, lets give our kids the BOOKS they’ll love and DESERVE!