Standalone Sunday, my pick 4/30/17: Garrett’s Bones by K.D. Dowdall

Standalone Sunday is a meme created by Megan at BookslayerReads. Where each Sunday you feature a book that is a standalone (not a part of a series) that you really like and would recommend to others. (Visit the BookSlayerReads page for more info).


As we speak I’m about half way through Garrett’s Bones by K.D. Dowdall. I plan on devouring the second half within the next day or two and then you’ll be seeing a very in depth and opinionated review as always ;)..  In the mean time, I just couldn’t wait to recommend it as a standalone pick! There was no need to hold off until I finished the book before recommending it, because just WOW!  At the halfway mark, there are so many ways this book could go, yet honestly I don’t even have a clue on what to predict!  Usually at this point, I feel like I have a book figured out. With Garrett’s Bones I DON’T! Not even close.

The suspense is practically eating my alive!  All I can do right now is gnaw on my finger nails and cuss the sun for not giving us more time in a day.  I’ve been running ragged for a few days now and haven’t had more than ten minutes at a time to myself. Seems like this always happens when I’m in the middle the BEST books! I can’t wait to finish and give you all an in depth view. For now, if you haven’t read Garrett’s Bones yet then DO IT!!  Add this sucker to your TBR before you forget because it has a little something for everyone.  It’s beautifully written, the setting and culture is to die for, and the mystery is utterly unpredictable! K.D. Dowdall has drawn me right in, I can’t wait to finish!


Garrett’s Bones is a haunting tale of young love, mystery and murder. Anna and Garrett are ordinary teens growing up in a small farming community in Connecticut in 1960. While walking through the forest preserve in their small town of Salmon Brook, Anna and Garrett happen upon the ravaged body of a young girl and find themselves as suspects in the horrific killing of fourteen-years-old Sarah Smith. Together, Anna and Garrett search for clues to find the killer as the ghosts of the past begin to collide with the present evil. They both realize it will be up to them to fight the evil that has come to harm their families, their community, and their beloved forest, even if it means losing their own lives.

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