Didi Oviatt

Autumn fell into a deep depression when Maylee went missing, obsessed with the case.  The only time she would leave the house was to go to the police station. Her life’s purpose became nothing more than to pester Detective Chance, or just Chance as everyone called him.  His full name and title was III Detective Chance Rupert Lizhalia, Clearly, the comfort of being referred to so casually by his first name, was developed very early on in his career. The details and progress of Maylee’s case was poked at and prodded by Autumn daily. It was a repetitive process until about five months after Maylee was gone.  At this point, Chance put Maylee’s folder on an over-stuffed shelf to collect dust.

“We have done everything we can.” He told Autumn on that bizarrely hot fall afternoon as he slowly wiped the sweat from his full, perfectly squared hairline.

“So you’re…

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