Picture this (or re-live it in memory, if the case may be):

Sally wakes to a cool crisp morning, after a refreshing peaceful nights sleep. She feels fantastic, you see, because for the first time in weeks she was able to get a full nights sleep. The night before her children did the unthinkable and laid themselves down in bed without a peep!!  No begging for water, crying for cartoons, or repetitive tip-toes into the living room trying to sneak a peak at whatever rated R movie the adults are watching on television. It was a miracle of an evening!  Sally took advantage of that wonderful gift from above.

After replacing the sheets on her bed with a cleaner higher thread count, she shimmied into a fantastic silk top, dropped some lavender into the diffuser by her bed, did a couple yoga stretches and laid down herself.  It was a beautiful night. The stars were shining bright, the house was silent, and then ‘BANG’ like a lightning bolt, inspiration struck!! Sally thought of the exact changes that needed to be made to the novel she had been struggling with for months. So naturally, she sat up and jotted down a few notes. Then she slept like a rock, feeling accomplished and content knowing full well that the next day would be nothing but a success.

Now, as Sally slipped on her jeans and favorite T, she began to question.  The ‘what-ifs’ began rolling in like the rolling thunder after the strike. She thought things like, What if I can’t word it right?, and What if its already been done, and I just don’t know it? Sally moved on into the bathroom and while she brushed her hair and teeth the battle within continued. What if my friends and family think it’s stupid?, and What if it’s not as bold as I want it to be?  How can I compete with a more seasoned writer?

By the time Sally cooked breakfast and prepared her children for school, she had herself worked into a complete and utter blunder! So much for a full night’s sleep, she thought.

Finally as Sally sat down to her computer, notes in tow, the stress of it all had completely overwhelmed her. Although the feeling of inspiration had been such a satisfying and exciting experience, the self-doubt had knocked her for a loop. A battle had played out and while she stared at the blank page on her screen, Sally had no clue if she could do it, or if she should even try for that matter.

BUT, she wrote it anyways!!  

 Moral of the story: Everyone fights this battle to a certain point. Everyone has self-doubt, it’s all a part of being human. Write anyway!  Don’t just reach for your dreams, but GRAB them!!!  You will never fulfill that inspirational thought or achieve your quest, if you don’t push through.  YOU are both sides of the battle, so make the positive team win out.  Good luck!