Prompt Vote!! It’s that day of the week, so jump on board! Kim has taken charge this round and WOW I’m excited to see what you as the readers pick for us to write!! There are even some photo prompt options 😍😍 … So let’s see it nerds, take your best shot and test our writing skills!

Author, Kim Knight

 It’s week #3  Of Didi and I telling tales, that also means it’s time for you to vote for our next writing prompt for a short story. We’d love you all to join in when the winning prompt is announced on Sunday. Why not write your own story  then link in with us on Tuesday next week?  Use the hashtag #kdsuspense so we can find it :). I think it’s fair to say for both of us, after stepping back in time to an era when neither of us were born, to portray a  notorious feisty Italian – American, lesbian serial killer, from Brooklyn New York (crime fiction). Then moving back to the present day, to portray a white male in his forties, with an extreme case of OCD , schizophrenia and a broken heart vs obsession with another woman (suspense), this week I feel personally  whatever the…

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