SHIT! Guys, it’s a three way tie! #kdsuspense

How does this even happen? Kim and I could really use the help of some opinionated readers. You know, those of you who can really pick apart something that’s worth looking into/writing or not…


As most of you may know, we have a interactive weekly short story challenge in play. Wed through Fri we post a writing prompt poll. It’s one that, as readers you pick the story we write, as well as jump on the train to join in the writing fun. ( for more challenge details click here)

Well, this week we have a THREE WAY TIE so far on our poll!! Today is the last day for votes, so please help us break this crazy little tie. It’s as easy as a click of the mouse. (well two because you have to click on the link and then the poll vote lol)

VOTE NOW!!!!!!


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