Who wants to see more of Lisa, our crazed lady killer? 🤔

Author, Kim Knight

It seems Lisa Vanicilli is a very popular woman indeed. Don’t be afraid to like her! We love her. We’ve had great feedback, and  I’ve heard more than once ” you and Didi  should write part #2 of this story.” Should we do it?? Should we see what happens now that someone finally managed to crack the tough, strong first female serial killer from New York for a confession, after ten whole years. All Tiffany  had to do was walk in with her killer high heels and short skirt, Lisa was like putty LOL. Of course we will keep it engaging and raw.

What happens to Lisa, does she confess all about her murderous career on the mean streets of New York? Is she executed early?

Does Tiffany’s career fly now she has a confession?

Oh the suspense!

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