Wait… You Wrote What?!?! #kdsuspense

If you ever have the opportunity to work with a like minded author who’s writing style and preferences are so close to your own that its almost scary…. Then DO IT!!!

As most of you know I’ve been working on weekly short stories with my writing buddy Kim Knight. We’re on week four and the entire experience has been exhilarating!  I highly recommend working with a writing buddy to anyone who is yet to give it a shot.

Kim and I have gotten to know each other well. I love that I can be myself in our emails and Skype conversations. Being able to drop the F-Bomb and laugh over otherwise completely inappropriate things with another author is surprisingly refreshing! I love it. Honestly, if anyone ever got ahold of some of our email chains then they might die of laughter  and/or embarrassment… Really… I absolutely love what this friendship has grown into! Kim is wonderful to work with!


Now, aside from my ramble of writing love, there’s another point to this post. With K & D Suspenseful Collection we’ve left the WHO WROTE WHAT portion of our stories up for guess. It’s kind of funny, because practically everyone so far has guessed WRONG.  Which really just confirms what we both already know to be true, and that’s: WOW our writing is so much alike its almost surreal!

So here it is nerds, the BIG REVEAL!! I’m just going to go right on ahead and share who started and who finished which stories so far!


(If you haven’t read any of our stories yet, then don’t fret… I’ll put a bit of a description for each and you can click on through to read… If you feel the urge, that is.)  

Week 1: It Was The First Time I Killed A Man.  Kim was the starter!!! (AKA Author A.)

Kim, the starter, Author A: kimknightprofilepic

Yep, Kim whipped up this crazy ass woman Lisa Vanicilli and then handed her over to  me to decide her fate. Let me just tell you, I f**king LOVE this story. The MC Lisa is nuts! She’s vicious, sexual, smart, deadly, and lacks all couth! She’s right up there with the craziest characters I’ve ever written. When Kim delivered the first half of this story in my mail box my jaw hit the floor!! We’d talked about writing all different personalities; men, woman, sexual preference, race, age, everything… With every story we want to keep things fresh new and shocking!

My first thought when I read Kim’s first half of week one was, ‘HELL YES KIM! You nailed it!!’  Then I pranced around my house all day long excited to be able to finish creating this psychopath.  (this one is 18+ reading.)

Week Two: Every Time I Hear That Voice From The Basement: I was the starter!!

Didi (me), the starter, Author ADidi (1)

When I sent Kim the story, I told her in the body of the email, “I got a real dochebag for ya Kim. Can’t wait to see what you do with him.”  HAHA, and I totally meant it!

George is sly, very sly, not as bold as Lisa. He’s a plotter very calculating he won’t lash out like Lisa. I wanted to challenge myself by putting together a character who’s crazy, but in an out of the ordinary kind of way. I didn’t want him to be a regular deranged psychopath, I wanted him to be mentally sick and misunderstood. I gave him a serious case of schizophrenia and topped it off with a thick slab of OCD. Then I fattened up his wife and put an overbearing voice in his head. I left it open for Kim to decide what to do with that voice — whether to make it magical, paranormal, mental, or what.

What Kim did with George and the voice from his basement was EPIC. Her ending went above and beyond anything that I could have came up with!

Week Three: The  Entrance To The Tunnel Is His Only Way Out. Kim was the starter!

Kim, the starter, Author A: kimknightprofilepic

When Kim sent me Juan the Atlanta gangster escapee, on the run with stolen money from his drug boss, I’ve got to admit I was a little stumped at first.  I couldn’t even write on it for a while because I couldn’t make up my mind lol.  Kim drew Juan SO WELL that I couldn’t decide whether to let him get away with the cash, get busted by the Mexican Cartel, do I bring his mom into the escape along with him???

Ultimately I decided, hell, why don’t I mix things up way beyond the average gangster tale and see if I can’t surprise Kim with something completely unexpected as well. So I threw Juan into a whole new disgusting mess. The kind that leaves a really gross taste in your mouth. Juan will never be whole again. Its an ending to be devoured.   (I hope you picked up on all those cannibalism(ish) hints and word pun, because I was laying it on pretty thick! haha)

So there you go. You know who author A and author B is for weeks one- three. Stay tuned for week four’s story which will be posted on Tuesday!

This week were doing ROMANCE!!  The winning prompt is: WHEN HIS HANDS RAN UP MY THIGHS, I…

EEEKKKK I’m so damn excited to do a romance story!!

Polls will go up to vote for week five’s writing prompt Wednesday. Why not write a story to the prompt with us? Leave your link on our pages and use #kdsuspense!



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  1. You’ll do a great job with romance, I have no doubt about it!

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