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Author, Kim Knight

Femme Fatale week

Do you like music? I love music. Always have, and I always will. I grew up with it, I think I get it from my Mum. I dance to it, fall asleep to it, drive to it, write to it, cook to it. There’s not a lot I do without music. Didi from what I’ve learned also has a big thing for music too. For week five we’re having fun, we’ve put together eight well known iconic Femme Fatale  singers. Big voices, great dance moves and lyrics, the talent is endless. Dead or alive their music and lyrics live on. This week, our challenge ( you included) is to creatively write a short story, using a lyric from one of their songs, that you all vote for. Join us and write a story of your own. This is a fun week.

Who will it be? Look at…

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