We Have A Winner!: ” We Only Said Goodbye With Words” #kdsuspense #amwriting #music #amywinehouse

Rest in peace Amy. Thank you everyone who voted!! This was actually my favorite choice in the prompts this week as well, so I can’t wait to write a story inspired by these lyrics!

Author, Kim Knight

Whahooo! I’m so glad you all voted in this great iconic British singer’s lyrics, as this week’s writing prompt, for Didi and I. I was at this concert, in this very room with Amy in London. She was fantastic live (when she was sober). She died too young, when she did I personally felt like a part of my musical love would forever be missing something. I still to this day often play the  Back to Black album really loud.

I’ve been a fan of  Amy before the iconic Back to Black album that won so many awards, did you know she had an album called Frank too? Check it out.

The writing has commenced, I can’t wait to pay tribute to Amy and use her as inspiration to write. Didi and I will post our short story on Tuesday. Another poll will go up too. We now do…

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