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Since I started this blog last November, I’m yet to post anything negative. I’m not a downer, and even if I have something sad or ‘opinionated’ I always put an uplifting or inspiration twist on it.  After all there is almost always a positive lesson to be learned given any substantial struggle.  Even when I braved up and shared with the world my devastating traumas in becoming a parent, I did it to try and help/support other women going through the same hardships.

Unfortunately, there’s no uplifting twist or inspirational back end with my post today. I’m not looking for sympathy either, honestly I’m just ranting to vent and get it out. We all need to release a little steam, right?!

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I’m sure you’re all familiar with what a pain in the ass dental care is! My husband and I were each blessed with good healthy teeth. I can count on one hand how many cavities I’ve had in my entire life, and I only had to endure the irritation of braces for two years in my youth. My husbands dental history is very similar to mine. Nice strong healthy teeth…

SOOOOO you’d think my children would have inherited this trait, right? 

…….. WRONG!!!!


Hopefully their permanent teeth are in better shape than their baby teeth, because wow. We’ve really been put through the ringer with the entire dental experience. 

The pediatric dentist we go do explained to me last year (just before the first surgery BOTH of my kids had) that when a mommy has troubles in the second trimester of her pregnancy, it effects the development of her baby’s teeth.

So here’s just a tiny little insight of how my second trimesters went. Trust me, you don’t want to know any more details, my pregnancies were hell!  With my son, I was thrown into pre-labor at 24 weeks. It was a bloody mess (literally) and I spent over 75% of the time on a very strict and tedious bed rest.  I had to be waited on hand and foot for months!  Any one who knows me can tell you how badly I hate being waited on. It drives me insane.

I was injected with all the steroids, pain killers, and labor stoppers medically available.  I even had my incompetent cervix stitched, as that’s where my problems rooted. (sorry if that’s TMI) But, I did it. I carried him through and he only came 4 1/2 weeks early.  He’s now a healthy guy, but his baby teeth are as weak as can be. Last year, a couple weeks after his 4th birthday he was put under and had SIX teeth filled, FOUR teeth capped, and a two month retainer put in to fix his under bite.


Now lets talk about my daughter!!!  My struggles with her pregnancy were much different than my sons, but not any easier. Because we now knew that I had a shotty cervix we took a different rout. My cervix was stitched sooner, I was restricted on physical activity from day one, and I was injected with a weekly shot in the butt to stop the pre-labor. The shots began at the first sign of contractions stronger than your regular braxton hicks. Sadly, I was only 20 weeks. Exactly halfway through is when my struggles began.

So, as if all of the above wasn’t enough, I was also low on amniotic fluid. Because I had to see a special doctor, the drive to his office was nearly 2 hours and I wasn’t allowed to take the trip alone in case I went into hard labor. So I had to be driven like an incompetent child every three days to have my fluid monitored. To make a long story short, every trip was an anxious one as we never knew if they would have to take her that day if my fluid was TOO low. She was even monitored every 3 weeks by a perinatologist (a pre-birth baby doctor) who hooked me up to a whole different set of machines to check her in more depth than what regular ultrasounds have to offer.

Kimber ended up being born 4 weeks early, and as healthy as can be. Thank God! But here we are, baby teeth affected just like her brothers! 

The same day last year that we fixed my sons teeth, we also put my daughter under (do it all in one wack, was our approach!)  It was a couple of months before her 2nd birthday, and even though she didn’t even have all of her teeth in yet, we still had to fix four of them and have an extra muscle removed from her gums!  SCARY!  Talk about a nervous wreck mommy!! It was one of the worst days of my life, to have both of the children that I fought so hard for to be put under anesthetic all at the same time!



I spent half of yesterday on the phone with our insurance company, their dentist’s secretary, and two different surgical centers, comparing facility prices and setting up yet another procedure!!

That’s right! Less than a year later Kimber needs work on almost every one of her top teeth!  Her teeth that hadn’t yet grown in the first time around have now grown in fully. They’re shit, with soft underdeveloped enamel, and on top of their weakness, she holds food and drinks on them with her tongue! We can’t let it go any longer because she is in pain, and because if we let it get into the roots then her permanent teeth will be effected.

As much as I hate to say it, NEXT TUESDAY she will be put under yet again for another painful day of dental work. Practically every one of her top teeth will be drilled, filed, filled, wrapped, and coated, giving her a mouth full of porcelain.

So there is it! My RANT is complete, thanks for listening (ish).  Please wish my baby luck as well as my pocketbook as it is sure to suffer dearly! Hopefully we don’t have to do this every single year. Two is enough!! 

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  1. frankhubeny says:

    I hope your children’s teeth improve. I agree with you that an optimistic approach is best. This actually read like an optimistic “rant” if rant at all. Best wishes!

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    1. Thanks Frank 🙂 I hope they improve too! We need all of the best wishes we can get. 🙂

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  2. That’s miserable for the kiddos 😦 My oldest never had a tooth problem, never a cavity. He used to be awful brushing his teeth. I mean, he’s great now, but when he was a kid, he did a lousy job lol. My youngest? He’s so careful brushing his teeth, one cavity after another. Not to the extent of your kiddos but enough to cause a fair bit of distress. He was also had a conjoined tooth. The permanent tooth that replaced it was fine though. So far so good with the adult teeth. *knock wood*

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    1. Oh man! Isn’t dental crap, well, just crap! lol…. Good to hear that the permanent tooth was okay, it gives me a little bit of hope!

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  3. I’m shocked! I’ve never been told about the bad teeth because of pregnancy problems. I had gestational diabetes, low fluid resulting in complete bed rest, my body refused to be induced, and she was delivered via c-section three weeks early because thank the lord nothing had gone wrong with her yet!

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    1. Oh man!! Sounds like you have been put through the ringer with babies too! I hope she stays healthy! My kids are great with everything but their teeth. Hopefully your little ones won’t have any troubles, it sucks lol

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      1. She’s had glasses now for over a year. We saw that one coming because the eye doctor told us her vision was too perfect a few years ago. She also had allergies as an infant, severe, bloody, but out grew them by the time she was one. We are very blessed she is healthy now.

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      2. Oh man, mine have the allergies too!! ugh

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  4. TeacherofYA says:

    My ex had similar problems with his teeth – weak enamel and the whole nine. Unfortunately he came from a family that doesn’t seem to pride themselves on dental hygiene, even as a child, so he’ll prob end up with dentures. I did all I could to help but he fought me all the time. I may not have great teeth but I work on them when I can afford to. I think dental should cover as well as medical covers…most dental will only cover extractions as you get older and don’t care about saving the tooth unless you have money. Like teeth don’t matter. 🙄
    Makes me so upset that certain procedures aren’t just covered. They should be, just like with medical problems.

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    1. Exactly!! I don’t understand how dental can be so much!! Our insurance is a decent 80/20 and we are still paying out the wazoo!! We haven’t even completely paid last years procedures off yet, and here we are looking at another $1500 or more (AFTER INSURANCE) It’s borderline unethical how expensive it is!

      Teeth are so important, and I try so hard to teach my kids to brush well, yet they still have to suffer. It’s so sad! 😦


  5. Patricia says:

    How awful for those poor babies!! I had the same 24 week labor and bed rest in the hospital probably shot up with some experimental drugs. We gave up at 7 months and he had a rough first two years, but that boy has the best teeth in the world. Thank the lord. That is a lot of money ! I never even knew that trouble with pregnancy could affect the teeth.

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    1. 7 months!?!?! wow, mommy props for you. That is so scary! We’ve only spent one week in the NICU with my son, and my daughter lucked out and didn’t need it. I’m so glad your son made it though, I can’t even imagine 😦
      It’s insane how many things can be effected huh, I’m glad your boy has good teeth, little is worse.

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  6. As if you don’t have enough going on, you have to deal with the insurance company as well. Grr!😡

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    1. UGH yes!! I hate insurance policies!


  7. Kristin says:

    Sometimes you just need to rant! ❤️ Will be thinking of you and your littles!

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    1. thank you! Ranting is a big deal sometimes.

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  8. Carrie says:

    So sorry your little ones are going through all of that. I keep reading all these stories about kids and dentists and just cringe every time. 😦

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    1. OMGosh yes its miserable! poor babies!

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      1. Carrie says:

        I hope they have better luck with their adult teeth. Can’t imagine already going through so much work at that age.

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      2. I hope so too! If not we’ll all die 😅

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      3. Carrie says:

        I sure hope not!

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  9. Wow! Poor kids! I hope their adult teeth are made of sturdier stuff! Feel free to rant! If you can’t do it here where can you lol

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    1. haha exactly! I love that it’s kind of a free for all outlet 🙂

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  10. So sorry you’re going through this, Didi. I had a similar adventure… years later.

    All three of my children had great teeth, and only my younger son had a cavity before reaching adulthood.

    But strangely…my daughter wasn’t losing any teeth. We were told time and time again some kids get to their early teens before it happens.

    Wait, what?

    To cut this short, six years and several dentists later, my daughter had outpatient surgery to have THIRTEEN teeth removed…at the age of seventeen! And the kicker is the one tooth that gave her the most trouble and pain IS STILL IN HER MOUTH!

    She’s all over my FB page. Take a look. She’s 25 now and has a beautiful smile, but it came with a steep price.

    Still not a fan of dentists! 😒😒

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    1. Omg, I’m gunna jump over and stalk your FB page now to see her!! I actually had ONE pulled at 15 when I got my braces and then they had to yank the perminant one down with a spring! I can’t even imagine 13!! Wholly shit 😣😣

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  11. Evie says:

    I’m sorry you’re going through this. I really hope their teeth improve and you don’t have to go through this again and again. It’s always so hard with kids. If it’s not one thing it’s another. ((Hugs))

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    1. It really is! I guess we just have to take it with a grain of salt 😑.. thanks for the good vibes 😍 xoxo

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  12. frenchc1955 says:

    I wish your children and you good luck, and sometimes you just have to rant!

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    1. Thank you, Charles 🤗 and your right, sometimes a good rant is just what the doctor ordered 🙄


  13. What a freaking nightmare…I wouldn’t want to wish that upon my worst enemies. Wow. Luckily my brother in law and father in law are both dentists; so yeah. Super lucked out there…and it’s ok to vent once in a while! What’s the point of having a blog if you can’t let out steam once in a while right? =)

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    1. It IS nice to let out steam and it IS a freaking nightmare! Perhaps you could lend me your in-laws for a spell 😉

      On the plus side, everything went very smoothly for my little one and now her teeth are perfect. (for hopefully ever lol… yeah right huh!?)


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