Can You Only Write in One Genre?

A Writer's Path

by Michael Cristiano

As a writer, the last thing I want to do is restrict myself. Yes, it’s true, there are genres that I will never write (erotica, true crime, nonfiction textbooks on astrophysics), but other than that, I’m open to pretty much anything. I love straddling the line between genres, often bridging fantasy, science fiction, and paranormal and then throwing in some literary flair.

So, imagine my surprise when I was told that I should pick and stick to one genre. My conversation went something like this:

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  1. Great post. I tend to write across genres, and if I had to stick to just one, I’d not be as passionate about the story, I believe. It’s more about the plot and characters, what they call out for… and then I see where it ultimately fits. I will always have some mystery elements. I’m looking at how to include some romance. And I’ll consider fantasy in the future. Got me thinking here… thanks!

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    1. I completely agree! I love to mix it up 🤗🤓

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